4 Tips To Help Busy Moms Get More Done

Whether you’re a new mom or you’ve been a mom to five kids for years, we all get busy and lose track of time. Having enough time in the day to finish everything we need can be challenging and frustrating to find. Sometimes, we can’t even find the time for ourselves in the day.

Therefore, it’s a huge help to find a system that works for you to get what you need to get done and have time for other things besides work, errands, or household chores. So today, we’ll take a closer look at four helpful tips to help busy moms get more done.

1. Do-it-yourself projects can be fun, but they’re time-consuming.


Who doesn’t love a good do-it-yourself (DIY) project? Taking on a home repair yourself can be rewarding and fulfilling at times. However, they eat up a lot of your time during the day, and before you know it, the day’s over and the only thing you accomplished was getting your dishwasher working again. Of course, it’s lovely to have that home appliance up and running again, but in that time frame, you could’ve finished everything else you needed.

If you have a household appliance break down, even if you know how to fix it, you should consider hiring a professional. For example, if your Whirlpool dishwasher is malfunctioning, hire a Whirlpool appliance repair technician to take some of the load off for you. This will free up hours in your day.

2. Multitask with a maternity bralette.


If you’re a new mom who’s breastfeeding, you already know how much time caring for an infant takes up, not even accounting for the time you need to pump throughout the day. Maternity bralettes are one of the most valuable articles of clothing any new mom can add to her wardrobe. These bralettes come with keyhole openings on each cup to allow for pumping on the go. This way, you can work on whatever you need to do around the house without needing to stop so you can pump. You’ll be surprised how much time you’ll be saving with this handy tip.

3. Set a specific time during the day to check emails and social media.


It’s not hard to get sucked into social media. We all open up our phones to check off a few notifications and quickly get back to our day. However, more often than not, we end up spending hours going down the rabbit hole of social media. Next thing we know, the day has passed us by, and we’ve spent the entire day on our phones. Even stopping to check emails can be time-consuming.

If you’re finding yourself getting caught up with socials and emails, consider setting a specific time in your day for social media and emails. For example, if you limit yourself to only checking your phone at lunch or before bed, you’ll be shocked how much screen time you’ll reduce from your daily routine. So, pick a time that works for your schedule and stick to it.

4. Keep a to-do list to organize your day better.


Too many of us try to wing it in our daily routines. We look around the house or workplace to see what needs doing and jump right into it. It may seem like you’re being productive by starting your day right away and getting things done. However, this style of working can quickly become overwhelming, not to mention the tasks that will likely be forgotten or overshadowed during the day.

To prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed, overscheduling yourself, or forgetting important tasks, create a to-do list with no more than three major items and add smaller to-do’s around those three items. Creating a to-do list will help you optimize your schedule while helping you stay organized.

Get organized and get more done, mama!

Remember to hire a professional, multitask with a maternity bralette, limit screen time, and create a to-do list to organize your day. With these four easy tips, you’ll be able to maximize your time during the day and accomplish all you set out to do. You’ve got this, mama!

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