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How long have you worked in wellness and green living? I was originally trained as an artist while studying in Prague through a cohort program with UCLA. I then moved to Tulum, Mexico where I still spend half of my time as a yoga and meditation instructor. I  have over a decade of experience working in all areas of wellness, fitness, environmental causes, and design.

Why did you want to become an editor, journalist, and expert in this field? After living and working in Tulum, Mexico at a green wellness resort, I wanted to go deeper in my yoga and meditation practices. Combined with my knowledge I gained by working in an environment that prioritized environmental sustainability, I decided to combine this approach for a greater impact.

What is the best piece of wellness advice you can provide your readers? Find a way to care for yourself in a loving way that also allows you to improve your overall health and wellness simultaneously: Whether that be yoga, pilates, journaling, cooking nutritious meals, running marathons, or surrounding yourself with positive people.

Cecelia Greene

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