5 Inspiring Menu Ideas for Your Vegan Food Truck

There are many reasons why you should start a mobile kitchen. Perhaps you always wanted to have a vegan food truck or a restaurant. Maybe you want to follow your culinary family tradition by opening your own plant-based bakery. Whatever your reason, know it’s a plausible idea to open your own successful vegan food truck business.

Here are five ideas for your vegan food truck menu.

1. Vegan Sushi

Sushi—a crowd favorite. This delicious dish can be prepared with almost any ingredient out there. All your need is rice or any other grain to cover the outside of your seaweed roll, a protein like tofu to add bulk, and a delicious sauce like spicy plant based mayo for an extra kick. Only Plant Based’s vegan mayo can be used to make toppings, dipping sauces, and even as a replacement for cooking oils. If you make sushi bowls, you can even use this vegan mayonnaise as a dressing. Whatever your idea for plant-based sushi, you are going to take the world by surprise.

2. Veggie Tacos


Veggie tacos are another idea that people will love. Your food truck can offer veggie tacos as a specialty. You can use plenty of ingredients to take these tacos to the next level. For example, you can use many different uncommon spices, add avocado or avocado oil as a taco salad dressing, and roast your veggies in apple cider vinegar to give it a different kind of zing. You could also use chickpea hummus as a protein or condiments like onion powder or cashew mayo on your coleslaw to change things up a bit.

3. Plant-Based Burgers


Plant-based burgers have gained popularity in the past few years, thanks to mainstream restaurant chains. They have launched countless types of plant-based burgers that are so meat-like they even “bleed.” You can make these burgers from black beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, brown rice, flaxseed, and many other ingredients for your mobile kitchen. Throw them in the food processor and make the patties to sizzle later on your grill. You can even add nuts like cashews or walnuts to change up the flavor and texture. Then, pair it with a nice and healthy grain burger bread and a salad, condiments, and any other wild topping to keep your clients’ mouths watering.

4. Vegan Kebabs

Moreover, you can make kebabs in your mobile kitchen from vegetables as well as fruits. You can use whole vegetables like peppers or chunks of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and sliced onions. You can also roast them and stick them on a stick for a colorful and delicious dish. Sprinkle them with avocado oil, coconut oil, delicious mayo, or smear them in creamy aquafaba for a game-changing plant-based dish. You could even try making vegan kebab deserts using a mix of sweet and sour fruits or natural sweeteners to create a golden caramelized glaze coat for your fruits. When it comes to vegan kebabs, you will have infinite combinations and tastes for the long run.

5. Dairy-Free Ice-Cream Truck


Lastly, you can have an ice cream truck just like the one that drove by your home every Saturday at noon. You can make them exclusively for adults as well. You can make plant-based ice cream from dairy-free ingredients and delicious and exotic flavors like dragon fruit, pistachio, gin cocktail, and even vegan cheesecake. You can create your own syrups and caramels made from real fruits and natural sweeteners like strawberries, watermelon, and lychee.

There is an infinite number of ideas and ingredients to create delicious vegan dishes for your food truck that people all over the world will love.

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