5 Reasons Why Choosing a Career in the Beauty Industry Will Be the Best Thing You Do This Year

The beauty industry is thriving right now. With social media influencers promoting products and providing tutorials, the world of beauty has never been so accessible. With the tap of a finger on a smartphone, people all over the world can learn how to look like celebrities—or maybe even better. If the industry interests you, now is the time to really go for it! The pandemic has uprooted regular businesses and put a lot of lives on hold. Do yourself a favor and take this downtime to follow your dreams. Here are five reasons why choosing a career in the beauty industry will be the best thing you do this year.

You can be ahead of the curve

Staying on top of trends is so important in both the beauty and fashion industries. With a career in the beauty industry, you know what’s hot and what’s not better than anyone else. You may even try cutting edge techniques that are revolutionizing the way people apply makeup before they’re popular.

For example, eyelash glue has been the bane of many fashionistas’ existence since its invention and popularization by Hollywood actresses in the 1920s. Nowadays, people are starting to ditch the glue, and a new kind of false lash is gaining popularity.

Magnetic faux mink lashes are much easier to apply and are far more reliable. All you have to do is put the magnetic eyeliner on like you would any other eyeliner and the small magnets on the lashes adhere perfectly, creating a flawless look that even Kim K would envy. No matter how you introduce magnetic lashes to your clients, whether as a beautician or an influencer, you’re sure to make a positive, revolutionary impact on their beauty routine.

Working from home can be your new normal

Post-pandemic, more people are going to be working from home and skipping the commute entirely. If you choose to be an online beauty influencer as your career, you never have to leave your house again. Save some money so you can start testing products and pay attention to when brands are looking for influencers to review their makeup, hair, or skin products. Start with brands you already believe in if it makes you more comfortable. You can even pay a little extra to boost your content on social media platforms, so you can accumulate more followers, gain popularity, and get sponsored.

Make money with your extroverted personality

If being cooped up in your house any longer sounds like torment, you might have an extroverted personality and need to be around people. Choosing a career path in the beauty industry that’s more hands-on could be perfect for you. According to SimplyHired, the average salary of someone in the beauty industry is around 74,000 dollars, making it a lucrative career choice. Depending on your strengths, consider applying to a marketing position at one of your favorite beauty brands. If you’re super innovative, maybe try to be on the ground floor, creating the new ideas they’ll sell to the world.

Get sponsored! Get paid!

If you’re following the social media influencer route, eventually, you can pursue your passion, make money, and get to try new products for free! Ever wonder what it was like to get an Urban Decay palette for free? Find a sponsor, and you’ll find out!

You can make a real difference in people’s lives

Think about what got you interested in the beauty industry. Beyond making you look incredible, was it because the products you’ve tried gave you more confidence? Did going to a salon provide you with some much-deserved self-care? You can make a real difference in people’s lives by encouraging them to create their own beauty routines.

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Joette is a wellness contributor and content strategist and creator at Big Green Gathering. A former stylist and aesthetician, Joette is passionate about all things self care and wellness. She is a travel guru and when she is not studying alternative health, she is usually exploring the beautiful surroundings in her home state of Oregon. She leads mindfulness retreats on the PNW coast, and thrives on sharing her passion for self love.

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