5 Tips For Feeling Beautiful Again

Beauty is a state of mind easily affected by a barrage of unrealistic beauty standards and advertisements for the latest weight loss methods on social media. Our confidence naturally ebbs and flows throughout our lives especially when we don’t prioritize ourselves physically and mentally. The first step to feeling beautiful again is to not compare yourself to others. The New Year can serve as an important reminder to integrate more of the things that make you happy into your life. However, it is ok if that feeling does not come back overnight; learning to feel beautiful and confident again is an ongoing journey that requires patience to better our health.

Trying to implement healthier habits and a more positive outlook can seem exhaustive, so here are five tips to loving yourself and feeling beautiful again.

1. Bring the Bling

Shopping for a new look is a great way to gain back your confidence. Treating yourself to a new outfit, pair of shoes, or piece of jewelry will get you feeling empowered again. Break old patterns and finally seize the opportunity to order that dress that’s been sitting in your wish list basket for weeks. You don’t need to wait for your significant other to buy you gifts; match your unique sense of style with a shiny new necklace. With the New Year fast approaching the holiday season can bring up feelings of loneliness. Whether it’s the first Thanksgiving after a breakup or getting through Christmas after a divorce, re-vamp your look and have your relatives ogling over a sparkling statement piece at the next family gathering. Necklaces with your birthstone or personally engraved message can serve as a reminder of your beautiful individuality and to always find priority in self-love. After all, you know yourself best.

2. Pamper Yourself

Show yourself some love by taking a relaxing trip to the nail salon. A key to feeling beautiful again is to take time out of your busy schedule to indulge in therapeutic practices that cater to the mind, body, and soul. In addition to a manicure, take advantage of a variety of spa packages, from massages and facials to a professional makeover. High levels of stress can lead to anxiety and depression. A trip to the salon can reduce built-up tension while professional nails and makeup will help boost your self-esteem. Treating yourself to a variety of spa services is beneficial for your overall wellbeing, and will leave you with a refreshing sense of serenity and radiating beauty.

3. Set Goals

Feeling beautiful is not just about appearance, it is also about cultivating healthy habits. Maintaining a journal daily can help you gain confidence in your accomplishments. Writing down positive messages or inspirational quotes at the start of the day can be a great way to boost your mood and set your intentions. A daily journal encourages you to achieve the targets you set for yourself and allows you to gain confidence from even the most menial tasks. Just putting aside 15 minutes for a daily reflection will help you stay motivated as your goals begin to materialize. A journal will help you evaluate any obstacles that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals or realize old fears that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. A journal can also be helpful to reflect on past successes and a positive reminder of the progress all the progress you made. By taking the time to write every day, you will be able to better navigate your thoughts and feelings in addition to establishing clear priorities for yourself.

4. All About Attitude

Feeling beautiful is often reflected in one’s state of mind so it’s important to surround yourself with what makes you happy. Getting active for as little as 5 minutes a day can help reduce stress and boost your energy levels. Whether it be an at-home workout video or simply dancing in front of the mirror to your favorite playlist, making time to get your body moving is key to improving your attitude and will get you feeling sexy. Taking up a new hobby that pushes your creativity, like learning a new language or mastering a craft, can also be mentally beneficial. Improving body confidence and self-image can feel taxing at times when you don’t immediately see your desired results, but your body is a temple that demands love, care, and movement. Feeling beautiful again starts from having a positive outlook on your body at any size. It is an important reminder that no matter the number on a scale, you will never feel confident again until you find love for yourself at any size. Don’t exercise to mold yourself into some unrealistic standards of beauty or try a new skill to expand your resume, explore what makes you happy to feed your soul.

5. Treat yourself to a getaway.

When taking a quick break away from the chaos and stress of everyday life, the beach can be a site for shore eyes! Taking the time to get outside in nature and listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing around you can be restorative for your soul. Partaking in beach-friendly activities like yoga, meditation, or swimming will reduce levels of stress and anxiety and give you a refreshing sense of calm. If letting loose is more your vacation style, get a group of friends together, dress up, and find your winning streak at the casinos.

Whether it be the beachside peace or boardwalk nightlife action, treating yourself to a quick getaway every once in and while will give you a fresh perspective that will transcend into better job performance and increased productivity levels. Working year-round with no relief is harmful to your health and going on frequent vacations can be a much-needed relief from the pile of responsibilities in everyday life. This doesn’t have to include a fancy spa retreat or a lavish trip to the Caribbean, just a weekend getaway outside of your normal environment will have you returning refreshed and happy.

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Originally from Paraguay, Autumn is now a Portland-based wellness expert and writer. Autumn often works behind-the-scenes of Big Green Gathering, strategizing influential and progressive content that is cutting-edge in the areas of wellness and alternative health. She loves working with women and building communities across multiple platforms. Before transitioning into wellness journalism, she has over a decade of experience working in spiritual wellness and mindfulness.

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