A Whole Home Air Purifier Is a Good Investment for Your Home’s Indoor Air

As a homeowner, there are many things you need to be concerned about to keep your home safe and comfortable for your family and loved ones. While you may be aware of the roof, windows, foundation, and HVAC system because they are big-ticket items, there are other significant issues to your family’s health and safety that you may not be thinking about. One of these commonly overlooked issues is indoor air quality. When thinking about indoor air quality, you’ll learn that a whole home air purifier is a good investment for your home’s indoor air.

Here are three reasons why an air purifier is a good investment.



An air purifier will remove dust, pet dander, allergens, pollen, mold, debris, and other pollutants from the air in your home. These are things in your air that you and your family members are breathing in, causing allergies, irritating asthma, and possibly causing other breathing problems. Even if you do not have asthma or allergies, breathing in the dust and dander in the air may cause health problems. When friends or family visit, you won’t have to worry about anyone having an unexpected allergy attack from something in the air in your home. During allergy season, you are more likely to have pollen and other allergens in your home, which can cause problems for your family and guests.



Air purifiers will rid the home of bad odors and remove pollutants from the air. Bad odors caused by dogs, mold, or other stagnant odor sources will be eliminated, making your house more pleasant to be in. While not all air pollutants cause odors, many do, which can be embarrassing when people visit your home. When you are around odors for a long time, you stop noticing them, and you may not be aware of how strong they are. This can create uncomfortable situations when people visit and you realize the odor is highly noticeable to them.



Breathing in clean air will make you and your family members more comfortable. Your HVAC system will remove some pollutants from the air as part of its filtration process. However, it is not designed to get everything out of the air. The HEPA filter in the air purifier is designed to get even the smallest unseen particles out of the air. Getting rid of the pollutants along with the odors will give you the peace of mind needed to be comfortable with people visiting your home. Even unexpected guests will be welcome without the fear of odor or excessive dust and pollutants in the air.



With an air filter pulling the dust, dander, allergens, and pollutants out of the air, you’ll have less to clean. You won’t have to spend extensive time regularly cleaning and dusting your home because the dust will be filtered out of the air through the air-purifying process. If you have pets, you’ll notice a decrease in the dust and pet hair that need to be wiped from counters and hard surfaces. While having an air purifier won’t eliminate the need to clean, it will make cleaning easier and will keep your home appearing and smelling cleaner longer.

There are many reasons an air purifier is a good investment for your home. While they may seem expensive at first, when you realize all of the benefits, you’ll see the strong value they offer. You will also be able to save money on cleaning, HVAC filters, and health care costs associated with allergies and breathing issues. There are many options for air purifiers, but it is important to make sure the one you choose has a HEPA filter to get the most value out of your investment.

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