Create an Unforgettable Proposal With These 3 Tips

In the movies, we often see some over-the-top romantic scenes. Sometimes, we even involve ourselves in them. High up on this list of romantic scenes is the marriage proposal. It’s a beautiful, priceless moment in one’s life. The events of that day are supposed to remain in our hearts eternally. Rightfully so.

You see, a marriage proposal is the ultimate proclamation of love. It’s the first official move that displays how committed you are to a person and how much you want to spend the rest of your life with your love. On that note, if you want to deliver an unforgettable proposal, follow the three tips below.

1. Let your partner know your plans for your future.


Marriage is a huge step to take. Before following through with the proposal, you must be holistically prepared to handle the long term. So, there must be clarity in your assessment. First, try to take the important step of getting the basics ready for marriage. This includes having a home, a steady monthly cash flow, investments, and savings. Those in the upper end of the financial scale will obviously have more assets.

It’s possible that all through your dating period, you might have been a tenant. She may currently be unaware of the fact you’ve even purchased a home. When you show her the engagement ring you’ve chosen, you can add documents showing you’re building a real estate portfolio on the side as well.

The excitement will certainly be through the roof. You can further increase it by showing the property’s registration documents with both your names on them. This is one great way to consolidate such a treasured moment.

2. Give her a unique engagement ring.


There’s a timeless cliché that everyone likes shiny things, and it’s true. An engagement ring is arguably the most important part of a proposal. You don’t have to break the bank with a 3106 carat Cullinan diamond or a large carat diamond. Just try to purchase the best ring your budget can buy. Yes, some rings do come at a high purchase price.

However, the truth is; you can never put a market value on certain things. Your engagement ring is one of such things. You might not have the financial clout for instant payment for such a ring with a high-quality diamond. That shouldn’t be a source of worry. These things involve apt planning. You can arrange with the jeweler and make a down payment.

If you can afford it, you can get the ring encrusted with special smaller diamonds on the side of the larger diamonds in the center. You can even engrave your partner’s name alongside a few precious words of love. Even better is if you can present the ring in a special pouch or jewelry box.

3. Select a beautiful location.


Pick a location you know your partner will love. It can be in a secluded resort, your partner’s favorite restaurant, or by the beachside—as long as it’s meaningful. Once you’ve decided on the location, the next step is to create the requisite ambiance. You can speak with the landlord or property manager to help out with the decorations and fittings.

You can also decorate the room with colors or themes your partner loves, but in a way that won’t give away your intent. It’s only after proposing that the dots will be connected. Also remember, the decoration you choose will also say a lot about your taste and care. For an even better ambiance, play your partner’s favorite song playing in the background to build the mood. Also, include some side dishes and party food if your family members will be there.

The end goal of all this effort is to make sure these memories are forever in your hearts. You can do this without a ton of money, as long as you keep your love in mind as you choose the geographic area and the perfect diamond ring.

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