Essential Oils for Cancer: Everything You Need to Know

Cancer is a battle of the body and mind. A diagnosis has life-altering implications not just for a patient, but for their family and friends.

Step by step, day by day, cancer patients work through treatment and additional care in the hopes of being able to have conquered the beast. Those treatments, as beneficial as they may be in fighting the disease, come with some difficult side effects. Regional Cancer Care Associates, a leader in cancer treatment in Freehold, NJ, have worked hard to assure the quality of life for cancer patients by going beyond standard radiation therapy or chemotherapy, expanding into therapeutic counseling and clinical trials.

Through testing, it’s been discovered that some essential oils, like coconut oil and jojoba oil, showed healing capabilities through antioxidant compounds. Perhaps most notably, rose oil has become the leading amongst these essential oils to show properties beneficial to cancer patients,.


Benefits of Rose Oil

There are many benefits of rose oil to consider. Rose oil is considered one of the most exquisite and therapeutic essential oils in the world, as it delivers amazing anti-aging benefits for the skin, as well as important natural skin nourishment and hormone balance.

Visagenics, a leading purveyor in pure essential oils, has marketed products that are exclusively 100% pure and natural. Visagenics bases their manufacturing out of Bulgaria’s “Rose Valley,” a locale whose unique combination of clean air, rich soil, and unique climate. This environment is peak for the production of rose essential oil.

Rose oil, or rose otto, is steam distilled from the fresh petals of Rosa damascena in a highly elaborate and delicate process. It takes about two tons of rose petals to produce just two pounds of rose oil, making it extremely precious. Even more precious, the benefits that rose oil has for the skin.

Promising News for Cancer Patients

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy leads to several significant side effects for patients from fatigue and dry skin to digestive issues and depression. Rose oil has shown to be beneficial in helping curb some of these after effects on cancer treatment.

Bulgarian rose oil has been shown to increase the skin’s permeability, meaning when it is added to a regular skin care routine, it opens the skin up to absorb more nutrients. With anti-bacterial properties and non-toxic ingredients, rose oil promotes healthy skin circulation, while preventing dehydration and skin infections.

Those anti-microbial properties have also been shown to aid gut health, without damaging beneficial bacteria. Rose oil, when combined with herbs like thyme, can help combat digestive problems like diarrhea.

Plus, the aromatherapeutic qualities of rose oil have been known to create a level of calmness. Patients have been known to dab diluted rose oil onto their wrists and neck, like a perfume, to provide a scent that soothes and eases anxiety and depression wrought on by treatments.


More essential than ever

Salons, beauty shops, and other enterprises are now pushing to stock up on essential oils more than ever, noting the hidden gems found in a natural environment.

Visagenics works to create unmatched premier products to corporate buyers around the world. Their website offers immediate quotes on each of their products, including their Bulgarian rose essential oil. Visagenics also is transparent with the makeup of these products, assuring all-natural qualities paramount to essential oils.

Visagenics’ rose oil is non-GMO, undiluted, and meets several certifications including MDSD, CoA, and BIO/ORGANIC. Visagenics can also ship sizable amounts, ranging to as much as 720 kilograms of the product at a given time.

They also rigorously test every batch of rose oil with a two steps process. Visagenics first tests their production batches in their own in-house laboratory located at their refinery. The next samples from those batches are then sent to the highly-regarded Phytochemia laboratory in Canada for independent testing, making sure only the best of their product gets to you the consumer.

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