Feeling Sluggish? Here Are 6 Ways to Jumpstart Healthy Change in Your Life

Nothing is worse than not feeling like yourself. You know somethings off and can’t accurately pinpoint the disturbance in the force. In essence, groggy mornings and restless nights don’t make sense as coexisting punishments. You’d prefer to have energy when you need it, in the mornings and you’d like to rest in the evenings. There could be any number of factors causing these negative impacts. If you’re feeling sluggish, here are six ways to jumpstart a healthy change in your life.


Perform a personal wellness check-up

A personal wellness check-up is a step in the self-care process when you check in with yourself and take an inventory of habits and behaviors that might be contributing to your sluggish energy. Is there some prevailing thought that is causing stress to be stored up and affecting your sleep patterns and chemical equilibriums? Perhaps, a project at work? Weight gain? Weight loss? Whatever the causes, whether its too much sugar, or procrastination anxiety, or the isolation of social distancing, once you’ve identified the issue, you can begin to address your needs strategically.

If your wellness check-up proves that you are suffering from anxiety, consider Plain Jane, experts in the CBD industry. Their joint pack can be a great way to calm you down and may help you handle mental illness. If you don’t want to get the feeling of being high from marijuana but have anxiety, the lower levels of THC in hemp and CBD products present great alternatives.


Consult your physician

If you find that your symptoms are to difficult to manage on your own, then consult your physician immediately. It’s easy for a go-getter like you to focus on the tasks while putting off self-care. Break this habit and learn to take care of yourself well. Sluggishness could be a sign of more complicated mental illness, respiratory conditions, or any host of medical conditions in both men and women. Take no symptom lightly, especially amidst the global pandemic resulting from the Covid-19 virus.

Troubleshooting: Change your diet

If you determine whether or not food is right for you only by how it tastes, then you might be self-sabotaging your high-octane nature. If you find yourself vibrating at a real low frequency, try infusing some color into your diet. A fruit salad with pineapples, mandarin oranges, and baby spinach leaves is nutritional and aesthetically pleasing. The colors and perfumes of the fruits and other such foods instantly boost your attitude outwardly.

At the same time, the nutrients go to work inside, boosting your immune system and raising energy levels. You can infuse color into your diet in different ways, but the easiest and healthiest way is with fruits and veggies. Vitamins also provide essential immune support. Check out the Calerie blog as industry leaders pertaining to NAD and NMN supplements.

Get more exercise

Your body and mind are vehicles. By design, they work together and separately, depending on the task to get you where you want to go—walking somewhere? Your mind has the directions, and your legs get you there. This tandem likes to operate in this capacity, and by integrating a regular exercise regimen into your schedule, you give them something to look forward to regularly. An increase in activity reinvigorates your body’s energy centers.

If you’re feeling down and you’ve experienced a long bout with inactivity, start by taking walks. You’ll find that not only the walking, but the exposure to nature and the absorption of the Sun’s vitamin D, will support an increase in energy as well. Most times, you’ll feel the positive effects of the Sun on your mood almost immediately upon opening a window or going outside.


Try meditation and prayer

Meditation and prayer. Meditation or prayer. The decision is yours, as with anything in your life. Both of these spiritually grounding practices have well-documented traditions of restoring people’s perspectives during tough times and empowering them with confident hope. Try keeping a stress diary and tracking the stressful events that contribute to your restlessness and low energy. Then review your experiences and pray about them or contemplate them and possible solutions in mediation.

Afford yourself the peace and serenity of a quiet place and alone time to confront yourself and your needs in solemn prayer or peaceful meditation. You can also use guided meditation and prayer, as provided by various spiritual leaders and gurus.

Learn something new online

Online learning is an effective use of your time that can allow you to advance your skill-set during these times of layoffs and lockdowns. As we alluded to before, the mind is one effective means for activating the body. Stimulate your brain by exploring new material and taking online courses that yield great opportunities in remote work.

Certificate courses in digital marketing and web development are a great way to challenge yourself and set yourself up to do well when quarantine is over. Obtaining a positive outlook for the future by requiring hard work of yourself now is an excellent means to overcome the circumstances that are getting you down and affecting your health.

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Cecelia Greene is the Founder, Director and Editor at Big Green Gathering. She is a Portland-based wellness expert, award-winning writer, designer, and influencer. She was trained as an artist while studying in Prague through a cohort program with UCLA. She then moved to Tulum, Mexico where she still spends half of her time as a yoga and meditation instructor. She has over a decade of experience working in all areas of wellness, fitness, environmental causes, and design.

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