Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

This is the only planet that we’re going to get. Yet most of us aren’t doing enough to protect it—and far too many of us are actively destroying. The actions of wasteful people, greedy corporations, and slow-moving governments are putting the future of our planet at risk. In time, the Earth may change so drastically as to be uninhabitable. Even if the people who are alive now will be long gone by then, it’s our responsibility to do something about the threat now. The future of our planet—and our species—depends on us!

Power to the Planet

Saving the planet starts with breaking our addiction to wasteful, polluting, and climate-destroying fuels. Coal, gas, and other unclean sources of energy are pumping toxins into our air and filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide—which, thanks to the “greenhouse effect,” is warming our planet.

But better alternatives do exist. If we can switch to a greener option such as residential solar panels, we could ease our species off of the more dangerous and destructive sources of energy.

Driving Big Green Changes

We use energy all over the place, including at home. But few things that individual human beings do impact the environment as drastically as driving does. Driving a car, we’re burning gasoline and pumping carbon dioxide into the air. We’re warming the planet and wasting resources.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You could upgrade to a more efficient vehicle—perhaps even a hybrid or an electric car. Cars that get better fuel mileage will save you money and help the environment at the same time, point out the experts at a car-buying website that offers vehicle auctions. When you’re in the market for your next vehicle, cast a wide net by shopping for your car online and look for the fuel-efficient models that will be better for you and for our planet. Investing in a reliable vehicle that uses less fuel is a smart long-term decision and a great reason to get back into the market for a vehicle.

Waste Not, Want Not

We use up a lot of energy here in the United States. But that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that a lot of that spent energy isn’t being “used up” at all! Americans waste staggering amounts of energy every year.

When you drive recklessly by accelerating quickly and braking hard, you’re wasting gas. When you fail to keep your attic properly insulated and allow heat to escape through the roof in the winter, you’re wasting energy. And you’re wasting fuel, energy, and natural resources when you run clunky old appliances, leave lights on all night, or let the kitchen sink run.

Be smart! There are a ton of ways to cut down on what you use, and most of them will save you money. There’s a lot of virtuous synergy between helping the environment and helping your own household budget, so there’s no excuse not to cut down on waste!

Creating a Movement

You can make a difference in the future of our planet by making smarter and more environmentally friendly decisions. But make no mistake: Individual actions are dwarfed by those of huge organizations like governments and corporations. In fact, just 100 companies are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions. If we’re going to put a stop to serious problems like global warming, then we’re going to need to team up and take on these behemoths.

That means organizing, lobbying, protesting, and donating to environmental and conservation groups. If you really care about the environment, you should consider getting involved in the fight!

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