The Importance of Cultivating Nature Inside and Outside Your Home

We’ve all heard that spending time in nature has its benefits. Whether you’re heading to the beach or you’re spending some time in the park, you’ve probably experienced it for yourself, regardless of whether you realized it at the time: a sense of calm as you listen to the waves crash against the shore or the invigorating breath of fresh air as a breeze moves through the trees. Something as simple as looking at a leaf-coated houseplant can give you a sense of relief.

Even having experienced the benefits of nature to some degree, you might not have given much thought to what those benefits are. Better yet, you may not have realized how beneficial nature can be when brought inside. Wide-open spaces, direct sunlight, and everything else that comes with the great outdoors are ideal but, if that isn’t possible, the next best thing is to cultivate a bit of the outdoors indoors. Creating your own natural space comes with its own benefits while hiring someone else to do the initial work or upkeep can let you enjoy your bit of nature with less effort.

Boost your mental health.


Instinctually, you probably know that nature is good for your mental health. From improving your memory to simply raising your spirits, spending time in nature can make you more creative and potentially ease symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions. In short? Nature makes us happier!

Nature sets a good example.


If you have children, bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to bond with them while you embrace nature. Adopt a low-maintenance house plant like a ZZ plant for a beginner that’s a friendly-family option; even the blackest black thumb can enjoy their own personal bit of green. Still not confident in your plant-tending abilities? Head out for a nature walk with your kids or other youngsters, or convince yourself to spend some time away from your screens.

Nature provides health and wellness opportunities.


On a large, outdoor scale, like public parks and other natural amenities, nature allows for ample excuse to exercise and otherwise enjoy the great outdoors. Heading out for a hike along a local trail or enjoying a picnic in a nearby park, nature provides built-in excuses for exercise and other activities, without the cost of a gym membership or extensive workout equipment.

Nature raises property values.


If the less tangible motivators aren’t enough to convince you to take full advantage of the natural world inside and out, consider the fiscal—cultivated landscaping will raise your home’s property value, too! Try your hand at raising some plants or invite someone to create your ideal garden. Companies like Denver landscape architecture firms, for example, can help you design, develop, and maintain the ideal natural additions to your home.

Nature increases energy.


If you’ve ever spent time outside on a brisk autumn day, you’re probably familiar with the energy boost that nature can bring. Spending time in the great outdoors—or bringing a burst of nature indoors to enjoy—can give you an invigorating burst of energy and even improve your performance at work and in other roles.

Nature creates a sense of connection.


If you enjoy nature with friends or family, you create an ideal opportunity for bonding with your loved ones. Gardening? Invite your partner or best friend to join in the fun and split the harvest. But the social connection isn’t the only sort you’ll find when you embrace the natural world. By getting your hands dirty or breathing in some fresh air, you’ll inevitably feel a connection to the world around you—a feeling that’s made all the more important in the modern world.

However you cultivate the natural world in your day-to-day life, you can bring all of these benefits into your life by embracing the outdoors—and by bringing it to you indoors.

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Joette is a wellness contributor and content strategist and creator at Big Green Gathering. A former stylist and aesthetician, Joette is passionate about all things self care and wellness. She is a travel guru and when she is not studying alternative health, she is usually exploring the beautiful surroundings in her home state of Oregon. She leads mindfulness retreats on the PNW coast, and thrives on sharing her passion for self love.

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